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Many of today’s most respected organizations have set themselves apart by creating a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, and accountability based on sales performance standards. GP Strategies can help you define, develop, and implement sales performance standards that enable your sales force to exceed customer expectations throughout the shopping, buying, and ownership experience.

Improve customer experiences—and your profits.

Developing a standards-based process improvement program is a long-term process, but the benefits are great. The overall objective is to provide a consistent, high-quality experience for your customers, no matter which sales representative they meet. Organizations that have accomplished this have reported a strong return on investment through increases in:

  • Units sold
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Market share
  • Industry position
  • Profitability

Create a culture of excellence at every level.

During the design of your standards-based program, we help you define clear-cut performance objectives for all of the people involved in your sales process. These objectives become the basis for defining your training and support needs.

Throughout the process, we involve key stakeholders such as customers, third-party partners, corporate executives, and others to ensure agreement on the expectations and objectives. This involvement also promotes willing participation within your organization when the program is implemented.

At implementation time, we ensure that everyone is trained on the performance standards. Once your people are trained and have met all requirements, we can certify your organization and provide ongoing services such as post-training coaching, mystery shopping, and more.

Hold us accountable for delivering results.

The best way to assess your return on investment is to measure your program’s results. By establishing specific metrics and expectations early in the process, we can gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives and make adjustments when necessary to ensure success.

Here are some of the things we can measure to evaluate your program’s effectiveness:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Enrollments
  • Other call-to-action behavior
  • Input from customers
  • Input from other business owners
  • Business reply cards
  • Redemptions

Keep things running right.

Our distribution consultancy service is aimed at helping you make the most of your market opportunity. We have a team of skilled, experienced consultants who will help you bring products to market in the most effective way for your business and your customers. This service includes conducting focused qualitative and quantitative research aimed at the specific issues you ask us to consult on. Often our findings will result in highlighting areas you have not previously considered. We will involve all elements of the distribution chain to provide you a detailed report with specific recommendations.

Our previous experience includes restructuring sales forces, providing competency and behavioral framework designs, defining skills development for company leaders, and providing detailed reviews on our clients’ selling partners and their product.

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